What do you do after spending two days listening to the incredible wisdom of executive functioning guru Sarah Ward? You pour over your notes and order two new clocks on Amazon of course. So excited to teach time! What a treasure trove of practical strategies for executive functioning. Blown away. Still processing it all. 🕤 My son, who has ADHD,...

Sep 12

Clean Up

The end of my work week = dreaded office clean up. Home visits mean I pack everything out and back in again, which usually ends up in a heap like this. I feel so much better if I get it put away before the weekend but I admit I often procrastinate that option away... Maybe time for some SLP Happy Hour...

Aug 20

Full up!

And just like that, I seem to have filled my September therapy spaces! But never fear; if you are concerned about your toddler or preschooler's communication please do get in touch. You'll be first in line on my wait list 🙂

I am saying farewell to a couple clients who are moving on to kindergarten this fall. Is your child needing speech, language, or social communication support? Shoot me a message ( and we can chat about September sessions!

All packed up for my afternoon home visit. I love using these insulated Costco bags a therapy bags. I have three of them! They are big, sturdy, and zip closed for my inquisitive little clients who want to see ALL THE THINGS! Plus this one comes with a bonus mindfulness message perfect for anyone working with young children: keep cool! 😂...

A rocket ship can be anything you want it to be. I used this activity to work on social responsiveness with my little pal with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) last week.
I used exaggerated facial expressions and reactions to get him to look to me for eye contact and this means he was learning that people's faces are...

Here is a resource I am excited to share with you guys. My son struggles with self regulation and I've posted about the Zones of Regulation program here before. We use this language at home and I developed this analogy in a moment of clarity (or was it desperation?) when helping my son work through some anger (the "I...

Mar 25


Getting ready to work on she/he/it pronouns with these new big mouthed friends. Empty Lysol wipe and protein powder containers come in handy for these kinds of activities!

I thought the winter bugs were behind us but I'm getting very friendly with my friends the Lysol wipes lately. Working with little people is a true test of the immune system!

So excited to have this PODD communication book finished and ready to use with my client! This is one of my favourite Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. PODD stands for Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Display, which is a fancy way of saying the words you need most often are easy to use and find, and the book is set...

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